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For our startup company, Anil and his team were able to give us unique, insider’s perspective regarding the minute by minute trends in Silicon Valley. As an example, Anil was able to guide us to utilize the recent SAFE investment vehicle from Y-Combinator. While we were unfamiliar with the popularity of this document, once we made the decision to use it in our fund raising, the investors we spoke to were all much more eager to invest given the structure and form was something they were used to seeing from hot startups.

Due to their headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, Anil and his team at Inventus Law provide critical expertise to startups from other regions, including Southern California, that would not ordinarily have access to such up to the minute expertise. As you know, the market in the bay area is highly dynamic, and you need to be close to be in the know. Inventus now has an office in Southern California and I would high recommend startups from So Cal consider Inventus Law, certainly if they intend to raise funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists.